Kingway Clean Tech Co.,Ltd. is in Panyang Industrial Park,Huangdai Town,Xiangcheng District,Suzhou City.Tt is 13000 square meter totally,and workshop is 21000 square meter.The registration is 30MM.Since the factory was set up,it is engaging in researching、 developing、manufacturing and sales of dust free cloth、dust free micro-fibre cloth 、no-woven wiper、wiper roll.Meanwhile,it is also manufacturing and distrbuting antistatic and dust free chamber aquipment,these products are widely used in the fieds of semiconductor

  Since its establishment, our company has been committed to clean dust cloth microfiber cloth and R & D and production. According to product quality and production requirements, the company has introduced more than from the domestic and foreign advanced equipment, the company currently has 22 sets of laser cutting equipment, ultrasound equipment, 4 sets, is the largest production base of dust-free cloth. The current daily output of products 600000pcs.  

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